launches 3 months of free Titan business email with every domain

Email is a critical component of any new business’ web presence and an essential tool for companies to communicate and connect with customers. The pandemic has accelerated a revolution in web presence where more individuals and companies are establishing their online presence today than at any point in history.

Titan and‘s new offering—premium business email free for three months with every new domain—is a new initiative designed to enable domain customers to get value from their domains on day one, at no additional cost.

With this partnership, all customers get access to Titan’s business email with 10GB of storage per user that comes with an integrated shared calendar and contacts apps free for three months.

"We’re thrilled to be partnering with to help more businesses grow their brand. is a pioneer in web presence, and we’re excited to be able to bring our email suite to their customers.”

This partnership heralds a new trend in the domain name business—the evolution from domain sales being a point service to fully integrated solutions that enable customers to achieve their end goals of establishing their brand and business on the internet. and Titan are leading the change in this evolutionary arc in the industry. Titan’s premium email service, designed as a cloud-based SaaS solution, is specifically for professionals and small businesses looking to expand their online presence. Features like Read Receipts, Email Templates, Follow-up Reminders, Send Later, and the Calendar make life incredibly simple to establish a more personal connection between companies and customers.

"We were looking for an easy-to-use and reliable email service with a dynamic feature set to add to our existing product suite. Titan checked all the boxes. Their flawless IP reputation ensures reliable email delivery, and they keep user accounts safe from attack with advanced security measures. They even make it easy to manage your inbox with webmail and mobile applications and offer impeccable support. Titan was an easy choice"

Titan works exclusively with registrars and web-hosts to deliver an email service that has a track record of 99.99%+ uptime and industry-beating NPS and CSAT scores., in the meanwhile, is one of the most formidable registrars in the industry with substantial retail and reseller businesses. has made significant product investments to deliver value to every domain customer, both with their core domains and hosting offerings and partnering with high-quality service providers like Titan, to deliver an exceptional experience to customers.

Industry perspective: Great email = happier domain customers

The new commercial offering from Titan and—free premium email for a limited time with every domain—is a win-win for anyone looking to get started with their web presence. Email is a service that lets customers start using their new domain on day one, even before they have written the first line of code for their website or application. It helps them look professional and build a brand before clients and professional collaborators. The zero upfront cost makes business email a no-brainer for every retail domain customer and gives them greater value from the start.

For registrars, the gains are just as phenomenal. Titan’s data across multiple web presence providers shows that domains and hosting customers that attach Titan’s email service are 3x more likely to renew their subscriptions in subsequent periods, multiplying retained customers and revenue. When you pair a premium email service like Titan with a domain, not only do NPS and customer satisfaction go up, domains and hosting customers see the provider’s branding within Titan for more than 150 hours every year.

Update on Titan

After raising a $30million Series A strategic investment from Automattic at a $300 million valuation, Titan’s growth has continued to accelerate. 

“Our customers love the small business and professional features, and more than 70% of Titan users use our native web and mobile apps to access our service. Titan's user-base has grown more than 30% every quarter for 3 successive quarters. We have focused on two key aspects in our business - that our users get the fastest, more reliable business email platform available, and that our hosting and registrar partners see 2x the revenue outcomes compared with legacy solutions."

In partnering with, Titan has further expanded its slate of partnerships beyond its existing partnerships with global brands like, Newfold Digital, Hostinger, and Namesilo.

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